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LOT Vacuum America is a manufacturing and technology company dedicated to providing world-class dry screw vacuum pumps and equipment to industries from Semiconductor, Solar, FPD, and MEMS to Industrial and Renewable Energy applications. Tour our site to see the variety of products dedicated to solving your most demanding vacuum requirements.







Vacuum Pump Supplies

Semiconductor, Flat Panel Displays (FPD), AMOLED and OLED
Vacuum Pump Supplies

Process proven dry screw vacuum pumps for handling your largest and most aggressive processes in compound semiconductor, LED, OLED, AMOLED, Flat Panel Displays (FPD), and MEMS. 

Scientific and High Energy Physics
Dry Vacuum Pumps
Precision engineered dry screw vacuum pumps for linear accelerators and cyclotrons, mass spectrometry, electron microscopy, and R&D applications.

Industrial and Process Vacuum
Industrial Vacuum Pumps
LOT supplies a full range of dry screw vacuum pumps and products consisting of industrial dry vacuum screw pumps, mechanical vacuum booster pumps, and a complement of vacuum accessories that support Industrial and Process Vacuum needs.

MEMS Dry Pumps



DRIE, RIE, and Mask Etch MEMS applications in Chrome, Silicon, and MOSi create some of the most demanding environments for roughing vacuums in the world. LOT Vacuum's split dual-helical dry screw vacuum pump design is ideally suited for these harsh environments.

Solar Cell Manufacturing
Industrial Vacuum Systems

All All Photo Voltaic (PV) manufacturing processes, gases, and chemistries are supported by our broad selection of dry screw pumps and boosters. From the smallest R&D application, to highest throughput PV manufacturing applications, LOT Vacuum America has the supplies that will meet your vacuum pumping requirements. 

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LOT HD120 selected for Gobal OEM
Implanter Beamline Application

Design Advantages of LOT pumps



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